I'm Rob.

… and this is my website where I do two of my favorite things: drink coffee and share my ideas.

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I grew up a skinny kid. And when I say skinny, I mean rib-bones-sticking out kind of skinny. After high school I moved to out west and started to craft my own life and wanted to change skinny to muscular. I joined a hard core gym and learned from some of the best athletes in the world. I went from 120 lbs to 205 lbs in 5 years. Throughout those years, I gained a great deal of knowledge on weight training, bio hacking, personal development and learned what worked, and what didn’t. I became a personal trainer and started to help others change their bodies and learned even more about what works for some, but not others. After writing diets and workout plans for friends and family for years, I decided to put together an ultimate plan that could be used by everyone. That ultimate plan became my first book, Just Do This. The first edition was available in 2005. It sold well, but the pen and paper thing wasn’t ideal. Costs of printing and coil bound book made it even more difficult to produce. I wanted it to be digital, and as easy as changing tracks on my iPod that I wore to the gym. I worked with a friend of mine at Apple to write an app for the iPod, but the iPod OS was super difficult to code on and Apple would have to approve it to be used on an iPod just like Nike’s running software ran on it. Then, in 2007 the Apple released the iPhone. I started to work with some iOS developers overseas to make my first app. The app never came to fruition on the app store as I ran out of money. But over the years, I have learned more things about working out, diets, nutrition .. and technology as in I know know how to program. A re-write of Just Do This is in the works and should be released sometime in the summer of 2016. And what about the app? App is in beta, but I am excited for its release!